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Child Custody Counsel Aligned With Your Goals As A Parent

The most important aspect of any family law case is how the matter will affect the minor children involved. In a divorce or paternity action, deciding how the child will spend time with each parent and who will make decisions regarding the child’s health and well-being can, at times, be highly contentious.

At Becker, Hickey & Poster, S.C., we work hard to alleviate the stress of divorce, paternity and child custody proceedings to achieve fair and reasonable outcome for all parties involved. Sometimes that involves having a strong litigator on your side. In others, it requires putting our skill and training in collaborative law to good use. No matter what, our priority is helping individuals overcome the obstacles they face, whether they involve simple legal paperwork or complex family law matters. Our experienced and respected Milwaukee child custody attorneys can help.

Legal Custody And Child Custody Placement

Child custody can be broken down into two basic issues: legal custody and physical placement. Legal custody typically involves decision-making related to the child’s education, medical care, religion and other major life decisions. Physical placement relates to where a child will live while the case is in process and after the case is final.

We help couples work out resolutions for issues in:

  • Pre-divorce and post-judgment child custody matters
  • Interstate issues such as relocation or removal
  • Joint custody issues related to medical, educational and other major decision-making matters for children
  • Paternity

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