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Finding And Paying For Long-Term Care Has Never Been So Easy

Along with growing older comes a variety of legal issues to consider. Who will make decisions about my health if something were to happen to me? How do I handle Social Security and other public benefits planning? How can I make sure that my health and financial well-being is well-protected under the law?

At Becker, Hickey & Poster, S.C., we are here to help you through the process of securing the long-term care and security you need step-by-step.

Our Milwaukee elder law attorneys work with you to make sure you not only are cared for in the years to come, but also that you can afford it without burning through all of your assets and income sources.

Protect Your Assets While Getting The Care You Need

Elder law, or the more appropriately titled special needs planning, is about more than finding the care you need — it’s about paying for it. You may think there are simply no options left, but our attorneys can help you find a solution that meets your needs and provides security for you and your family. We provide comprehensive services including:

  • Long-term care planning, regardless of placement (nursing home, assisted living facility or your own home)
  • Asset protection through a custom estate plan
  • Advice about public benefits such as housing benefits, food share benefits, Title 19 (Medicaid) and Supplemental Security Income and eligibility planning
  • How various settlements and sources of income or assets (such as personal injury claims, workers’ compensation, property division, marital support and government back benefits) may affect the collection of public benefits

You don’t have to lose all of your assets, income and inheritance to pay for long-term care! We help you plan for not only yourself, but the ones you love as well.

Contrary To What You’ve Heard, You Can Have It All (Or Almost!)

Through the purchase of exempt assets, proper spend downs, the use of trusts and other estate planning tools, we can potentially protect your assets and income,  and provide the care and medical coverage you need. Our attorneys take the time to understand your unique case and help you make informed decisions regarding these issues.

Get in touch with our lawyers to learn more about our services and how we can help you in the years to come. Call 414-454-9102 or reach out online to set up an appointment at our office.