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Get in Touch - 414-454-9102

Resolving Complicated Family Law Disputes

Some divorces are easier than others. There may be significant, complicated assets and financial accounts, unique circumstances related to the health and safety of children or issues related to the valuation of a business in a divorce.

At Becker, Hickey & Poster, S.C., our Milwaukee family law attorneys often work with clients who have complex family law matters that go beyond what the average family law attorney can handle.

Simplifying Even The Most Complex Family Law Matters

Our unique level of experience allows us to handle virtually every aspect of your divorce or family dispute, no matter how difficult or complicated. We have helped clients with matters involving:

  • Divorces and legal separations involving high-value assets
  • Child custody disputes and child support
  • Trusts and other asset issues as they relate to divorce
  • Division of unusual assets (such as businesses, retirement plans and pensions)
  • Post-judgment issues (such as modifications, enforcement and contempt actions)
  • Interstate custody and relocation issues
  • Paternity, stepparent adoption and grandparent visitation
  • Same-sex family law issues, including cohabitation disputes

While our lawyers are always prepared to take your case to trial in Wisconsin family court to protect your interests, we are also adept at resolving disputes through collaborative means, so that each party has a chance to come to a fair and reasonable outcome that has not harmed them financially.

Helping You Make The Best Decisions For Your Family

Our primary goal as a family law firm is to give you a complete understanding of your case so you can make the most educated decisions for you and your family members. Especially in instances that involve your children, we put your child’s well-being above all else and provide sound advice to promote their success following your case.

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