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Paternity - Family Law is More Than Divorce

What is Paternity? Paternity actions are brought when a child is born to parents who are not married. If the mother and/or the child are on Badgercare or other state-funded programs, the county in which they reside will often bring a paternity action against the parents to ensure that the child is being financially supported by both parents. Paternity actions can also be brought by one or both parents to work out legal custody, placement, child support, allocation of birthing costs, responsibility to provide health insurance for the child and determination of which parent may claim the child as a dependent on his or her income taxes.

Medicare Hospice: A Benefit that Enhances Quality of Life

Most families want the best for their frail elderly and chronically ill loved ones. They often seek quality medical and long-term care services to be funded with private pay dollars and/or Medicaid. However, most people are unaware of a government benefit that can cover massage services, therapy, spiritual counseling, dietary guidance, housekeeping and comfort care in addition to nursing care, medical care and drugs at little or no cost to the recipient. Why are people not aware of this program? The problem lies with the name of the program: Medicare Hospice.

Supported Decision-Making

One of the advantages of being an adult is having the ability to make your own decisions, whether good or bad. Usually, we consult family members, friends, or professionals for guidance when making different types of decisions, from buying a car, to picking a healthcare provider, to managing our finances. Some of our loved ones need more help than others when making these types of decisions. The State of Wisconsin recently introduced Supported-Decision Making Agreements to empower people to make their own choices in an attempt to improve their quality of life.

Financial pros and cons to same-sex marriage

Countless people fought over the years for same-sex couples to have the right to marry. Marriage brings about numerous financial and legal benefits for same-sex couples, but there are instances where the couple may want to think twice about tying the knot

All couples need to consider future estate planning before and after the wedding. You have several options available, and it is essential to consider each to do what is ultimately best for you and your spouse. 

What is Probate?

Probate is a legal process through which an individual's estate is administered after that individual passes away. Generally, the probate process is supervised by the Court. The probate process is designed to ensure that debts of the decedent are paid and that any assets are distributed to the appropriate beneficiaries.

Mistakes you should take care to avoid in high-asset divorce

No one looks forward to the divorce process, especially the property division phase, which can be complicated if significant assets are involved.

You probably want to get through the entire ordeal as quickly as possible, but mistakes could be costly, and bad decisions could wreak havoc with your future.

Power of Attorney and Will: Do I Need Both?

One of the most common questions clients have is what is the difference between a financial Power of Attorney and a Last Will and Testament, and why do I need both. Both documents can be vital parts of an estate plan, as they serve separate purposes, so it is important to understand the difference between the two.

What will happen to my assets in a divorce?

You and your spouse are splitting up, and you are preparing for the divorce. Going through a divorce can be very complex, and there are many legal details that you will have to confront. As you learn about the process, you are encountering questions that never even occurred to you.

Like this one: What will happen to my assets? How will my money, real estate and personal items be divided? In Wisconsin, the answer to that question surprises a lot of couples.

What can I expect from the estate planning process?

Having a plan for what happens to the assets you've worked hard for after death is important. Your life and all that you have done to make your loved ones benefit from it are more secure when a legally recognized estate plan is created. Your estate could include a home, vacation property, furniture, financial accounts, and anything else that belongs to you. Creating an estate plan will take what has been thought about, spoken over with others and turn it into what is lawfully acknowledged for how you wish to distribute your assets.

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