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Personalized And Detailed Advance Directives And Guardianships

Life’s twists and turns can often lead to situations where an individual is unable to care for or make important decisions for himself or herself. As with many things in life, you can lessen the impact of the unexpected by planning ahead and taking care of these important issues in the legal realm.

At Becker, Hickey & Poster, S.C., our Milwaukee advance directive attorneys work with individuals who are aging, are disabled or are otherwise in need of help planning for the care of themselves or for a loved one. These are often sensitive issues for our clients, and we take the time to give our clients the attention they need to be sure that things are handled with the appropriate level of care and detail to give them peace of mind.

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  • Advance directives (i.e., wills, power of attorney, etc.) are used to help assure that an individual’s wishes are carried out in the event of a serious injury or illness that could leave him or her unable to make decisions about his or her health care or finances. The aging population is typically more interested in setting up advance directives, but they can be useful for individuals at any age.
  • Guardianships in Wisconsin describe the court process of appointing an individual or entity to take over the legal decision-making responsibilities for another, outside of his or her consent. For example, if an individual is in a coma, a friend or family member may pursue a guardianship to allow him or her to make decisions for that person. Similarly, the family member of an individual with dementia may pursue a guardianship, despite the dementia patient’s objections.
  • Conservatorships still require a court process, but are voluntary, unlike guardianships. They are typically used when an individual recognizes that he or she is having difficulty managing his or her own finances and health care decisions.

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