Are will readings necessary?

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Gathering a family together to read a will may be a thing of the past, but that does not mean that loved ones in Wisconsin do not have access to a family member’s will. Currently, no state has a law that requires the reading of a will to the family, though in some cases, the family may be able to get one. Therefore, there is no need to show up to a will reading as a will reading is mostly done to clarify the wishes within the will if an estate attorney believes there may be confusion.

What happens with the will upon the testator’s death?

Estate attorneys will begin to execute the wishes within a will by notifying family members or loved ones if necessary through the will. Yet, most named loved ones or executors of a will would have received a copy in advance. The estate attorney or executor will ensure that the proper people are notified if they are in a will as a will is a legal document. Notifying the proper family members and loved ones through proper estate planning is a straightforward process.

Can you receive a will in all circumstances?

A will becomes public record once it enters probate after the passing of the testator. Therefore, getting a copy of the will once it enters probate is easy for a family member or a loved one. However, the sealing of will by a judge can occur under extenuating circumstances, such as if the deceased was a famous person. If you were explicitly named within the will or have due cause to receive it, then you could even if the will were sealed. Registering your will with the court and informing your loved ones of doing so when estate planning provides ease of access and safekeeping of the document.

Plan your will accordingly

Whether young or old, wealthy or falling on hardship, creating a will is an important piece of the estate planning puzzle. Reaching out to a trusted, established and experienced attorney may help you navigate the process of writing a will and ensuring proper estate planning.