What can I expect from the estate planning process?

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Having a plan for what happens to the assets you’ve worked hard for after death is important. Your life and all that you have done to make your loved ones benefit from it are more secure when a legally recognized estate plan is created. Your estate could include a home, vacation property, furniture, financial accounts, and anything else that belongs to you. Creating an estate plan will take what has been thought about, spoken over with others and turn it into what is lawfully acknowledged for how you wish to distribute your assets.

Taking the next step in estate planning

What should you do when you are ready to take the next step in the estate planning process? Receive wise counsel from trusted and experienced legal representatives. In general, more assets held results in a more complex plan, necessitating a thorough amount of consultations with an attorney.

The initial conversation with an attorney will require openness and honesty about your financial life and family, including sharing who you would like to designate as your beneficiaries, power of attorney and executor. Having plenty of financial documentation on hand can help expedite your consultation.

What happens next

Once you have brought documentation, discussed the basic framework of your assets and who you would like them distributed to, your lawyer will be prepared with the legal options available pertaining to your wishes. This is the point where you may need to revise your plan and continue discussing the details before you decide on what you would like drafted. Your unique circumstances will help the attorney decide what options are best in regards to trusts or wills and guide you towards a final plan.

Moving forward with peace of mind

The road ahead can offer much peace of mind when you have taken these first steps in developing an estate plan. Once your plan is drafted, you can review it and take time to think about it before it is signed and legally recognized. The advantage of an estate plan is that it secures your wishes are upheld in court once you pass away. You can enjoy life knowing this major aspect of settling your affairs is complete.