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Milwaukee Special Needs Trust Attorneys

One of the concerns that our clients have is what trusts and high-value assets will do to an ill or disabled individual's ability to collect public benefits or be placed on waiting lists for those benefits. That is because under federal and state law, an individual who has more than $2,000 in assets could lose eligibility for benefits like Medicaid and Supplemental Security Income (SSI).

As Milwaukee special needs trusts lawyers at Becker, Hickey & Poster, S.C., we help our clients establish trusts and estate planning documents to manage an inheritance, personal injury settlement proceeds or other forms of compensation for injuries for disabled individuals. Our small-firm atmosphere helps us take the time to address each of our clients' unique concerns, especially when they are dealing with complex or high-asset trusts.

Protecting Assets And Public Benefits Through Special Needs Trusts

Special needs trusts provide our clients with a means to preserve assets while still collecting benefits, as assets in a special needs trust are not counted as income, unlike traditional trusts or revocable living trusts.

Beyond the standard special needs trust that can be set up by working with an attorney and appointing a trustee yourself, Wisconsin Pooled & Community Trusts, Inc. (WisPACT) also provides options through what is known as a "pooled trust." A pooled trust involves a nonprofit organization that pools together assets in trust funds to invest. These funds are managed by a trustee that the organization chooses, and safeguards the money while allowing those funds to be put to good use in investments for the benefit of members.

Our firm can help you understand the various special needs trust options available to you and your loved ones so that you can make educated decisions regarding the well-being of the individual you care about.

Contact The Waukesha Pooled Trust Lawyers At Becker, Hickey & Poster, S.C.

Our attorneys are well-respected and known throughout Wisconsin for the high-quality representation they provide to individuals in complex legal matters. Contact us online or at 414-273-1414 for assistance.

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